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fuck you beautiful

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[13 May 2003|12:12am]
new journal

add me. this one will be deleted soon
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[12 May 2003|03:33pm]
the funniest part about this all :
i have no arguments. im finished arguing about stupid shit. you don't like what i like, whoops, im sorry.
end of argument

[12 May 2003|03:28am]
god im so sick
it looks like you are turning my friends against each other,
that should be easy
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[11 May 2003|04:55pm]
rawr rawr.
new lj coming soon
im going to bed. im sick anyone want me come get me.

fletcher made me listen to dragonforce this morning.
that band is my new favorite band
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[10 May 2003|01:32am]
i dont see why you have to do stuff to satisfy him.
duh i love you too, even if its a different kind of love.
you put us at a huge inconvience and i hope you realize that.
hopefully ill see you again sometime this weekend.

i started a fight tonight.
fuck that shit he shoulda shut his mouth i almost hit him myself
i saw my lover matt, booty danced with ana, moshed like they aint no tomorrow.
heard logic of crocidiles TWICE NUGGA WHAT

2 sets, for the price of one.

i guess ill see everyone at evergreen terrace, i am cutting back on shows that i go to.

tomorrow night though at 600 studios is a great show, full of friends. crack baby jesus, finaw, chocolate low fat milk, and model citizen.
its going to be fun guys ill see everyone there. hooligans before.
hey guys my throat is finally feeling better, which is great becuase we have practice sunday.
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[09 May 2003|03:52am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i just found the haircut that i must get.

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[08 May 2003|09:47pm]
[ mood | moshtastic ]


quote robby edit! robby, jennifer, and beave. "watch your heads"

that sums up tomorrow night

see everyone there. im so stoked.

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[08 May 2003|04:42pm]
naked summer rules
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[08 May 2003|02:25am]
telling girls things makes you feel like you are on a tv show
speaking of tv shows
i can feel a dawsons creek sound sample coming.

me and amos drank and watched extreme rock. halford rules. he can never wear another outfit ever. i mean really. come on would anyway recognize him in anyhting else?

my palms sweat when i talk to you and i feel like someone else when you are around
you make my heart beat twice as fast.
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[06 May 2003|12:33pm]
ive got an interview at 3:30 woo woo!!
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[06 May 2003|02:30am]
i just reevaluated my summer.
have fun everybody.
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[05 May 2003|09:48pm]
i just fucked that english final over.
i wrote 12 pages.
i ran out of room in my exam booklet, so i had to get more paper. tomorrow is tcf100, and then wed is com101. essay is in com101 ew.

regardless of which tcf100 is tomorrow and that is an exam that has to have an A. so ill see you boys/girls in the library.
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[05 May 2003|12:59pm]
so far today we've realized im smarter than walt (when reading/remembering times at least), i destyoed a tcf112 final, i canceled that out via the rest of the grades i had in that class, but maybe ill come out with a decent grade.

i guess im going to clean up some and go back to bed. i have another final at 7. and then i have to study allll night and over again. nite kids

neal/mike. what the hell is the tcf100 exam on? like, really, does anyone know?
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[04 May 2003|07:27pm]
jason you owe me 5 bucks and a new back

dothan you owe me no more fun, you gave it all to me in one night.

im going to bed. ill wake up late and study until my tests. ill see you guys wed. when tests are over.
i got my xbox
thanks aaron.
i still need that other controller, josh said he didn't have it
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[03 May 2003|10:22am]
[ mood | whiskey bad! water good! ]

alright all you motherfucks.
i'll see you all in dothan tonight
playlist for the drive home is amazing

>>throwdown-you dont have to be blood to be family
>>an albatross-compilation
>>circle takes the square
>>the rapture-mirror

you like how the mosh opens the trip and then brings it to a halt at the end. bring it tonight boys and girls. it includes gifts, money, xboxes, the bro mosh, etc etc etc.

you make me smile. yes you

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[02 May 2003|11:01pm]
akjfhjasfh shes so cute
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[02 May 2003|04:34pm]
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[02 May 2003|01:48am]
heres to you ladies:

DaVeZeRoJaMiE [1:38 AM]: WILL
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[02 May 2003|01:10am]
holy shit
-saw the fata video on mtv2 tonight., as well as underoath's, both videos eat ass

-josh made the logo, that shit is so bout it. buttons and t-shirts soon!

-i have the biggest crush on her. it'll go away though.

-everytime i die is in a week. bitches better step back back back

-new shai hulud...im not a fan....i heard new some girls and new a life once lost today though. holy cow.
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[01 May 2003|02:45am]
[ mood | twitchy ]

anyone wanna make a bayad john f. wayne logo?
i made a few but none im excited about.

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